Saturday, April 11, 2015

Checking In: The Hand Hotel in Llangollen, Wales

I'm sitting in an old, wonderful hotel in this picturesque market town in Llangollen, Wales. While I love the more modern hotels with all the amenities, I love more these old places that speak to me with creaky and uneven wooden floors, have old wallpaper with bubbles forming beneath it, and have labyrinths instead of hallways to navigate. This place is 400-plus years old, and it's so cool.  

Welcome to The Hand Hotel, where a burning fireplace awaits you in the tiny lobby on a cold, rainy day.  The staff is so friendly, the food pretty good, and the interior just received a new coat of paint. The two best things about this hotel is that it sits on the rippling River Dee, and it's supposedly haunted!  For those of us who love ghost stories, this gets a big round of applause! 
The River Dee
My suite facing the River Dee.
Furniture is kind of dated, but what do you expect from something charmingly aged?
The suite was small and cozy.
Everything about the room was pretty simple and basic, and that's enough if you're going to be out and about town all day.
Small bathroom but we managed nicely.
Wing of the hotel that faces the River Dee.
View into the hotel pub.

Upon arrival to this crickety hotel, we heard that someone who was staying in Room 28 the night before, wanted to be moved to another room.  She ended up being moved two more times because of "sounds" coming from within the rooms.  It's most likely from the loose floor boards and walls, but that'll be up to you, the reader, on what you want to believe.  There are stories you can find on the web about the ghosts of The Hand Hotel, and videos on YouTube!  This video had me chuckling, but it was creepy, too.  By the way, we stayed in Room #18, next to #19 where a murder occurred years ago.

To make this even more eerie, there's a very old cemetery behind the hotel. Ooohhhh...........

Again, I just loved this hotel with floors and stairs that creaked, and with staircases that went this way and that way.  They gave the hotel more character, like it really needed much more.
The hotel at dusk.
I highly recommend this hotel to the adventurous traveler.  It doesn't disappoint!  

Here's more information on The Hand Hotel.

Disclaimer:  It's my pleasure to share the places I've enjoyed staying in.  The Hand Hotel did not ask me to write this review.  I am solely responsible for my own opinion.

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