Friday, August 28, 2015

Modernizing the Master Bath, Part 2

The saga continues with the remake of our master bathroom.  I left you at the end of week 5 of this project.  If you didn't have a chance to read my last post, check it out here.  The contractor said he'd call us on Monday to set a time to come in that day.  He never called, nor did he call Tuesday and Wednesday.  My arthritis is flaring up just thinking about how inconvenient and frustrating this has been for me.  This remodel is definitely not a 4-week job, like he said it would be.  So here's where we stand, so far:

Week 6:  It's Friday, and finally the contractor shows up.  He probably wouldn't have shown up if Gerry didn't call him on Thursday to see what was up.  While we wait for the extra-large custom mirror and window coverings, which will take at least two more weeks, all we wanted was for the toilet to be installed so the master bath would be fully functional.  So on this day, the baseboards and toilet are installed.  

Week 7:  Nothing. Nada. Niente.  Wala!

Week 8:  Okay, we are getting somewhere here.  The super large custom mirror was installed, and the glass company took the old mirror and installed it in the garage, in front of the treadmill.  It looks great and makes the garage look larger.  Also, the special-order blue glass knobs and the extra 90-degree chrome handles arrived, and Gerry already installed them on the drawers and cabinets.  Now we're waiting for the bathroom contractor to make the time to come back to finish the paint touch-ups and to install the rest of the hardware.  The blinds and shutters should arrive in another two weeks.  Meanwhile, sheets and bath towels cover the windows.  We've peeled off some of the pink plastic wrap off the vanity drawers and cabinets.  

The contractor finally came to  install the saber lights into the mirror cut-outs and in doing so, cracked the mirror on the left side. He immediately contacted the glass company to order another custom mirror at his expense.  We learn that this mirror will arrive in early October!!  Keep in mind, work began on this bathroom on June 29.  

Week 9:  The faux wood blinds were installed yesterday.  Shutters for the arch window will be ready in early October.  My physical pain has subsided a little, and I'm able to deal with life a little better. In time, my master bath will look like the model bathroom.  I'm being patient.

I can't wait for everyone to see the finished remodel!  Hurry up, October!

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