Friday, September 19, 2014

And We Have A Winner!

Having my own blog page has been a joy for me over the past month. I officially launched on my birthday, August 12.

 I've always liked writing since junior high school.  That's what we called middle school way, way back in the day.  I wrote lots of poetry, kept a diary (I have no idea where those are now), then I moved on to high school and wrote more poetry and began writing for my school's award-winning news magazine.  I rose through the ranks to be one of the editors.  Then I got married, had babies, and began journals on each of my kids.  Yep, I love words on paper, and now on my laptop.

Anyway, back to my Starbucks giveaway.  We have a winner!  There were 141 entries, and I guess that's not too bad considering there was a huge malfunction in my Comments section that people weren't able to leave comments.  I'm still trying to fix that.  I'm not tech-savvy so dealing with this has not been fun.

Okay, back to the winner.

Congratulations Jeanlyn from Bulverde, Texas!  Your $25 Starbucks gift card will be coming to you today via your e-mail address.  I appreciate your taking the time to participate in the giveaway.  Many hugs to you, my friend.

I have a big favor to ask of my readers, and I know I have readers because my Blogger stats tells me that lots of you are viewing my page.  Will you please try to leave a comment, and if you're blocked from doing that, please e-mail me at to let me know.  Or you can private message me at  Thanks so much!

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