Monday, June 30, 2014

On A Mission

I caught the bug to blog two years after my daughter, Lindsay, started her blog, Trial by Sapphire.  It looked like fun, and seemed like it would be a good way for me to unleash my creativity. Lindsay later told me that keeping a successful blog is like a job.  Well, I already had a job, and didn't wish to carry another workload, so I put that idea on the shelf - the very top shelf!

Well, I'm retired now -- yahoo!  Retirement came sooner than I thought, but I won't complain. Not one bit!

I'm not new to writing as I've written some poetry in high school, wrote for the high school magazine and college newspaper, then began my journaling career when my kids were tiny tots.  I kept journals for each of my three kids.  These journals were spiral-bound notebooks from the drugstore.  I chose notebooks with the illustrated covers, pictures that suited my childrens' likes and personalities.  I felt it would be nice to journal their important milestones (first step, entering kindergarden, college graduation, first job, marriage, etc.)  The journals also gave me a place express my joys, worries, thoughts and memories (some hilarious, others sad, and some just pure bliss).

My kids are adults now, from the mid-20s to early 30s!  Collectively, I estimate there are 10 to 15 notebooks.  I didn't enter thoughts on a daily basis.  Maybe a long write-up one day, then a short paragraph a month later, whenever I had time from the daily hustle and bustle getting kids to and from school, to all their sports practices and voice, dance and theater lessons and performances.

I am now near the end of each of their current notebooks, and decided it is time to change it up. No more pens -- bring on the laptop!  My kids will be presented with their journals at the most appropriate, special time.  My daughters can't wait to receive them, and my son, well, I don't think he knows they exist!

My leisurely writing style is not suitable for business, and it's not artistic, but is one of a person speaking her mind, her way, pure and simple, and to the point.  Easy to read, I think.

Well, here are a few photos to introduce you to who I am, and thus begins my blogging journey!

So very excited!!

I am an avid traveler.  Organizing and escorting tour groups to cities and countries can be a challenge, but brings me lots of joy.  I currently lead group tours with EF Tours, and now represent MG Travel Vacations as its newest travel consultant.  I previously led tours with Discovery Tours and Travel and Smithsonian Student Travel.

I retired from my position as school librarian at five elementary schools.  This library was my favorite.  It was a great 13 years at Heritage Elementary School.

My intelligent, beautiful, talented & crazy kids, all grown up.  The tall one is the baby of the family!

My husband keeps me grounded, and treats me like a princess.  He and I did a terrific job in building a home of enduring love, and instilling in our children all that is good and true.  I truly am blessed.

Thanks so much for reading.


  1. I am so excited for you as you start your blogging journey!

  2. Congratulations on the launch of your new blog! Looks great! Have fun on this new journey of yours into the world of blogging.....


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