Thursday, September 10, 2015

Checking In: Marriott London County Hall

A few months back, Gerry and I had the opportunity to spend a few days in London after two weeks of vacationing in the British Isles. Our days traversing the bustling city was eventful and non-stop. Finding a decent London hotel to stay in took a long three days prior to departing for Cork, Ireland.  We didn't want to spend a ton of money on lodging, Gerry wasn't keen on trying AirBNB, and we had to be in central London just steps away from underground stations.  We were looking for quality and didn't want to spend a ton for it.  Yes, we can be cheap sometimes.
Oh, my word!  By the end of the third day of searching the internet and reading Yelp and Tripadvisor reviews, we settled on the one hotel we should've known, from the very beginning, would be the perfect choice for us - the Marriott Hotel County Hall in central London.  Situated on the South Bank of the river Thames, the hotel sits across the Westminster Bridge from the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.
It's a teeny bit of a walk from the street to the hotel entrance, where there's a roundabout that goes around a little hill with turf-covered steps.  It's an odd thing, but a huge conversation piece, I suppose.
We requested a King suite with a view of the river.  A view of the London Eye costs less than a view of Big Ben .  We chose the view of the Ferris wheel and Jubilee Garden.  The noise level was pleasant and the view just splendid!

One thing to know about choosing your room:  If you want a Big Ben view, your walk from hotel lobby to room will be short.  If you book a London Eye room, you will walk a distance. Walking the corridor reminded me of walking those long hotel corridors in Las Vegas after gambling the night away.  The room always seemed so far away!  

I loved our suite.  It was so spacious and accommodating.  I swear you could fit three king-size beds in there.  What I love most about the Marriott properties is its luxury bedding from the pillows and sheets all the way down to the mattress.  I sleep so well at night! Free WiFi, too, for its loyalty members.  The hotel staff was very friendly, and the doorman and the guys behind the Concierge desk were very dapper, chatty, and extremely helpful!

Here's the whole view of the Marriott London County Hall from the Westminster Bridge.  We had the end room in front of the London Eye.  You can see how far we had to walk from the lobby to our suite.  What a view, though, right?  It's such a lovely property.
The Marriott London County Hall is close to many historical landmarks, shopping and great places to dine, and is worth your consideration when you plan to visit this vibrant city.  

I only share with my readers places I love to stay when traveling. The Marriott didn't ask me to write this review.  It was simply my pleasure to do so.

Happy Travels,