I'm a quiet observer, who travels the world, seeking new adventures.

I'm a calm and awesome multi-tasker.

I'm a hopeless dreamer.

I'm a fast walker, which drives my family crazy.

I love fashion, and I tend to be trendy at times.

I used to go crazy with buying shoes.  Now I go cringe when I look at them.

I love to shop the sales racks, then look at my receipt to see how much money I saved.

I like to look at maps and see where my next global adventure will be.  I have a world map hanging in my home office dotted with pins marking where I've already traveled.

I've lived in San Diego most of my life, and still have not seen a lot of it.  Now that I'm retired, I'm going to start visiting all the great places in my great town.

I want to live in Europe for one year, and travel to cities I haven't been to yet.

Italy would be the country I'd live in.  It makes my heart sing.  My brother-in-law owns a condo in Trieste (inherited from his beloved mother) and I can see Gerry and I renting that small place for a while.  My brother-in-law doesn't know this yet!

Living in Trieste, or anywhere in Italy, would make a great springboard to other destinations.

I adore my family and extended family, especially my grandson, Kyle who will soon turn 3 years old. I also have Presley, my granddaughter, who is a year old.  They are so precious and lots of fun to e with!  With my family, I feel protected, and I feel protective of them.

I have an auto-immune disease called lupus.  It has challenged me with other medical issues since 1989, but I will not let this disease define my life.  I'm in charge.

I love color, but most of my clothing pieces are black, or have black in them.  I'm not sure why this is.

I love my cats.  I have two indoor cats, and 3 strays.  There used to be 23 ferals in my yard!  It took two years to trap them all.  It's my family's mission to care for the cats we trap and get neutered.

I come from a very strict upbringing, but feel that my childhood was magical.

I love my house, and apparently others do, too.  It's colorful and cozy.  Some people feel like they're on vacation when they enter.

I don't like to wear garden gloves when I putter around in the garden.  I need to feel the dirt as I work. The soil reveals so much.

My political and religious beliefs are personal to me.  I detest anyone who tries to bring me down based on my beliefs.

Before I began this blog website, I asked my adult children for name suggestions for my blog.  I posed the question, "when you look at me, what song comes to your mind?"  These are the song titles they came up with:

Come Away With Me (Nora Jones)
On the Road Again (Willie Nelson)
Come Fly with Me (Frank Sinatra)
The Long and Winding Road (Beatles)
These Boots are Made for Walkin' (Nancy Sinatra)
Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf)
Ticket to Ride (Beatles)
Fly Me to the Moon (Frank Sinatra)
Leavin' on a Jet Plane (John Denver)
Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

I chose Life is a Highway sung by Rascal Flatts.   The reasons for picking this song will be explained in a future post so be looking for it!


  1. Your shared your story is interesting. I am also a travel person and like to visit different places around the world. I have visited San Diego before my new york bus tours with my friends. It is very attractive places for many visitors. Sea World San Diego is very best place for enjoyments with family. There kids are also enjoy rides. Its beaches are most beautiful. In my point of view it is the best place for spending summer vocation.

  2. I appreciate your comment, Theodore. No matter where I go in the world, every time I fly over San Diego and into Lindbergh Field, I'm reminded of how very special San Diego is, and I'm very lucky to call it my home!


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