Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fantastic Fact About the Confetti Over Times Square on New Year's Eve

It's a half hour to midnight before this day turns into New Year's Eve, and it's raining.  That's awesome because rain is as close to saying that it's winter here in San Diego.  It's doesn't rain much here, and when it does, most of us celebrate it!

So to type this post as quickly as possible, I read a short and interesting article the other day about the secret of the confetti that's showered on the millions of revelers in Time Square on New Year's Eve at the strike of midnight.  Have you ever thought about those gazillions of confetti? 
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Well, the Times Square Visitor Center sponsors a Wishing Wall, where people will write their heartfelt wishes or whatever they wish to express on small sticky notes, then they place them on the wall.  As the wall fills up throughout the year, the notes are taken down by Visitor Center staff, placed in containers and tucked away to make room for more dreams and wishes on the wall.  This continues to New Year's Eve.  The colorful wishes are then peppered with plain white squares of paper.  If you haven't guessed it yet, all of these dreams and wishes make up the beautiful confetti that is showered upon the kissers and huggers who are freezing under the fireworks that are coloring the sky above them.  What a lovely, lovely thing to see!

Photo credit:  NYC
It's three minutes past midnight.  Have a wonderful celebration tonight and party safely!
Photo credit:  Kohei Kanno

Happy New Year 2017!