Sunday, August 17, 2014

Old Town Historic San Diego State Park, Part 1

Fiesta de Reyes  is one of my favorite places to dine and shop.  It's lively, it's colorful, and the mariachi music makes me want to drink a lot of margaritas!  Ole'!

Seriously, walking through this gateway brings me to another place and time. Fiesta de Reyes is a grand courtyard surrounded on three sides with boutiques specializing in splendid textiles, pottery, tiles, arts & crafts, exquisite jewelry and ladies clothing that cannot be found anywhere else.  I love their clothes and accessories, and I usually buy an item or two every time I visit Fiesta de Reyes.

There's also an art gallery that you must walk through, and make a purchase!  In the courtyard, you will get to taste varietal wines and olive oils, warm buttered tortillas, street tacos, and roasted nuts.  The restaurant in the center of the courtyard is the showpiece.  It's outdoor dining is at its finest, in a casual way.  Next to the restaurant is the stage and seating area where tourists and locals can sit on split logs and beautiful, colorful hand-carved benches to watch entertainment that has south-of-the border flavor.  It's muy fantastico!

My favorite specialty shops are the Temecula Olive Oil Company, the Urban Seed and Geppetto's.  It's fun to take the time to use your senses in these places.

Don't forget to buy some novelty candy to take home as souvenirs!
I hope you enjoyed reading about this little gem in my town.  Please visit soon!

When you come to San Diego, what's the first place you want to visit?


  1. I love our outings to Fiesta de Reyes! It's such a wonderful treasure here in San Diego!

  2. Always enjoyed going to Old Town when I lived in San Diego!

  3. I'll need to take my friends to Old Town on their next visit to San Diego!


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