Saturday, January 24, 2015

Alluring Landscapes Series: Tom & Joy Riley Campanero's Home

What makes a landscape so special, that it makes you want to come back time and time again for the simple joy of looking at what it has to offer? I love looking through large picture books showing photos of gardens, landscapes and the most unique furniture and decorative items. I love it more when I can see those awesome spaces in person.

Last summer, I was invited to an incredible event where the guests celebrated the recent around-the-world trip of friends from our high school days, who also happen to be married.  The event was hosted by Tom and Joy Riley Campanaro, President and CEO, and Senior Vice-President respectively, of Total Gym.  It was a spectacular event.  I may never come back to this backyard to take in its beauty ever again, but perhaps that's why I took my time to pause and really appreciate the beauty of each nook and cranny.  This place is really that special. Joy claims Tom to be the designer and laborer over every inch of that backyard. That's talent!

Many thanks to Joy and Tom for allowing me to share this with my readers.

Please enjoy the photos, and see why I nearly drooled over this special backyard landscape!

Left to right:  Tom Capanaro, Pam Maki Shetler (guest of honor), Joy Riley, Mike Shetler (guest of honor)
A backyard is so special when it beckons you from every nook and cranny.  
Guests got to participate in a drumming session with a multinational performance group.  So cool!
No matter where you were in the backyard, there was always a place to sit.  I liked that!

A solitary place.

Other photos worth sharing:
A visual presentation with comprehensive texts of Mike & Pam's trip around the world.

A lovely tipi for Joy and Tom's grand kids.  Very cool!

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