Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Summer Solstice In Avebury, The Cotswolds

The summer solstice is celebrated with all sorts of traditions surrounding it.  It's a centuries-old celebration that occurs every 21st, 22nd or 23rd of June on the Gregorian calendar, while in the southern hemisphere it is celebrated on the 21st of December.  I didn't know anything about the summer solstice before our trip to England two years ago.  

Our goal for the day was to visit Stonehenge, but our coach driver thought it might be best to cancel due to the large gathering of revelers already there since sunrise.  Hippies, is what our guide called them.  Oh, cool, I thought, then I want to go!  How cool would it be to pray in the midst of those giant ancient stones.  I mean, right in the middle of the circle, mind you, and not outside of the normally roped-off area surrounding the stones.  I could only wish.  

Driving through the Cotswolds and enjoying the view from my coach window.

The police had closed the roads leading to Stonehenge, but not to worry, said our guide.  She had a very nice surprise for us.  We were headed to Avebury, in the Cotswolds, site of the largest stone circle in Britain.

The Cotswolds is an area in south central England containing the Cotswolds Hills, a range of rolling hills which rise from the meadows of the upper Thames to an escarpment, known as the Cotswolds Edge.  A very dreamy place.

Families were present, as were shamans, Druids, and lovers,  And the curious........like me. We had arrived towards the end of the day so most of the crowd had already left, or were at the pub having a brew or two, or three.

It was great fun people-watching inside the Avebury Circle of Stones.  For an aerial view of this area, go here.  I was famished, though, so we strolled to the village to see what we could find.

The Avebury Manor and Gardens is a must-see when you visit the village.

This wasn't the kind of food I was looking for, but I simply couldn't pass up a slice of cake and a spot of tea with cream.  Delicious!

The beauty of traveling is meeting people all over the world, and discovering different cultures and traditions.  That's Gerry holding his cup of tea and chatting up a local.  We had such a relaxing time in Avebury.  It was a great introduction to the Cotswold region.

Worshipers praying and meditating for a better world, good health, a green earth, a new beginning, anything that is good and for the best.

Does this inspire you to visit the Cotswolds, or to seek fulfillment?  Or if you've been there, which village should I visit next?

Happy Travels,

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