Monday, May 11, 2015

Travel Barometer for 2015

Whenever a new season approaches, I'm often asked, "Where's your next adventure taking you?".  I just returned from the British Isles, and that was such a fantastic whirlwind of a trip that I'm just going to settle down for a few months.  Until late summer, that is! Then I'm off to Memphis again for some bonding time with my baby granddaughter, Presley.

Enough about my travels, though!  I want everyone who suffers from wanderlust to just declare they're going to find every way possible to go somewhere.  According to ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) here are the top picks from a survey of 400 travel agencies.  
Big Ben & Parliament at night.

Afternoon in Rome, Italy

London and Rome tied for the top spot.  Here are this summer's most popular vacation spots and the percentage of travel agents who selected each as the top destination.

The Loggia della Signoria, Florence, Italy.
Top 10 International Destinations 

1.    London (7%)
2.    Rome (7%)
3.    Paris (6%)
4.    Cancun (4%)
5.    Punta Cana (3%)
6.    Barcelona (1%)
7.    Florence (1%)
8.    Venice (1%)
9.    Dublin (1%)
10.  Riviera Maya (1%)

Standing on the Red Stairs in Times Square, NYC.
Top 10 Domestic    

1.    Orlando (17%)

2.    Las Vegas (13%)
3.    San Francisco (4%)
4.    New York City (3%)
5.    Miami (3%)
6.    Los Angeles (2%)
7.    Anaheim (2%)
8.    San Diego (2%)
9.    New Orleans (2%)
10.  Washington, D.C. (2%)

Happy Travels!

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