Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Collections from My Travels

It all began with this .................

My first travel souvenir.  I traveled to Manila, Philippines when I was 17 years old.  I found a book store that sold old and unusual books and found this old copy, which was translated to English and published in Manila in 1957.  The very first copy of this title was published in Ghent, Belgium in 1891, entirely written in Spanish.  I heard about this book from my mom, who liked telling me all about the Philippines' national hero, Jose Rizal.  I had to have this book. Many years later, I still haven't read it, but at least I have it!

Here are a few items I've collected over the years:

This is an art fabric panel that I purchased in Greece and had custom-framed.  It's of Orpheus playing the lyre to charm every living creature and to help keep peace wherever he goes.  The goddess is Athena who reminds people that wit, intellect and creativity can be used to solve problems and achieve any goal.  This piece hangs in my living room as a reminder to all who enter to simply chill and enjoy yourself. 
On my dining room wall hangs a handmade Greek icon in the old traditional manner of Byzantine art.  It's of Jesus and his disciples. It has been painted with egg, tempura and gold on canvas and old wood.  The sword comes from Toledo, Spain.  It cost a pretty penny, and I walked away with buyer's remorse, but now I'm so happy I bought it.  You should see the larger swords at the shop . . . . . so exquisite.
Strange story about this small rug from Istanbul, Turkey.  However, that's a whole other blogpost.  It's that bizarre!
Shown above are elegant Venetian wine glasses (the red and blue), lavender sugar from the Cotswolds, chocolate wine sauce from Taos, New Mexico and sassafras concentrate from Kentucky.

I love picking up "global treasures" on my travels.  I used to buy T-shirts with that city or country's name on it, but now I'll buy a clothing piece that is particular to the country and widely worn by the local women.  Other treasures include jewelry, textiles, wine and fine liquor, shoes, bags, and other unique and beautiful goodies.  Some of my treasures didn't cost much, and others far more than I wanted to spend, but I had to have it because it would look awesome in my home or on me!

These treasures are special to me because they remind me of the places I had always dreamed of exploring, and how I managed to make it happen for me and my family. Looking at my treasures, and touching them brings back those special moments.  
This chocolate bar is one of the things I brought back from my last trip abroad.  Beer in chocolate?  I purchased this at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.  Excuse me while I enjoy this candy bar while I type. (smile)

I always make sure to bring back a little something for my kids, grandchildren, mom, siblings and friends.  Sometimes I also like to play a game called, "Where in the world is Marie?" when we're not in full throttle touring mode.  Through Facebook, I'll throw out clues that don't reveal too much information all at once about my whereabouts.  The answers I get are hilarious and plenty, and my friends will keep on guessing and guessing.  The winner gets a prize, a little souvenir from that place.  It's so much fun!

What do you collect on your travels?

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