Saturday, April 21, 2018

Time for a Travel Tune-Up

I'm in Paris at the moment, and the weather here is lovely  - sunny with floral-scented breezes.  In January, when I was getting ready to book our river cruise, I realized that my passport had already expired.  Panicked, I had to renew my passport before Viking Cruises sold the last couple of cabins.  It made me realize that a frequent traveler needs to stay on top of these things.  So before you make plans for your summer travel, here are five things you must check for hassle-free planning:
1.  Check your passport.  Note the expiration date.  It must be valid for at least six months beyond your trip.  Have four blank pages for exit/entry stamps and visas.  If not, you need a new passport.

2.  Check your luggage.  Are the handles and wheels stable?  If they wobble even the slightest, get them repaired.  Or better yet, buy new luggage.

3.  Assess the credit cards you use for travel.  If you frequently fly, be certain your cards earn you frequent flier points and include perks such as free checked bags, early boarding, or airline club passes.

4.  Use airline miles/points.  Most have expiration dates.  If you don't have enough miles/points for a ticket before they expire, try to use them for small purchases, such as gift cards or magazine subscriptions.  

5.  Or purchase those additional miles to help you get that free flight.  It will be well worth it.

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