Saturday, November 15, 2014

Shoe Shopping After Surgery

Almost two months following my foot surgery, I am able to walk around but with a slight limp, and after a while, walking that way gets a bit tiring.  The scar is ugly but, in time, it will fade.  My foot is swollen so I'm not able to wear any of my shoes except my house slippers.  My orthopedic surgeon said I'm not to wear my thong sandals for a long time, not until I'm completely healed, which is like another 8 months!

So.........what to do?  I have to go to the shoe store and buy something new and comfortable!  YES, who doesn't love shopping for shoes??  I went to my favorite shoe store, DSW, to take a look around.  The doctor said to try clogs.  My foot couldn't fit well in any of them because of the swelling.  I walked up and down each aisle in the store, and tried on various styles and it was useless, even when I went up a shoe size.  It really was kind of hopeless, because what was going to happen is I'd buy a shoe size to fit my left foot, but my right shoe would be loose.  I had to find a style of shoe that wouldn't slip off my right foot when I walked.  I found it in the Clearance section, and it was a wonderful pair of black strappy sandals that would work well with my dressy and casual looks.  Great, but I soon realized that walking in them for four hours was a bit much, and was becoming quite uncomfortable and sometimes painful.  I needed another option.

Knowing that I'd be going to Disneyland next week for a special event, I needed footwear that would be uber-comfortable.  I already had something in mind, but instead of ordering it online, I thought I'd drive to Nordstrom to see if they carried it.  They did, I tried it on, and I loved it.  My husband said they looked like house slippers (well, they do) but the Toms catalog says the slippers work real well outside with their sturdy soles.  Besides, my jeans will cover the the fleece portion of the slippers, and the slippers will look like super-comfortable boots.

I don't know how, but I always make it work.  It's all about the little things you add to your outfit to make your style super-chic.  More important, it's all about "attitude".

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