Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Summer Fashion Favorites

When I shop for clothes, I am very particular, as I'm sure you all are, too.  I don't head to the mall to buy a complete outfit, unless I want something completely new for a special event.  My favorite thing to do is to head to the sales racks.  I love rummaging for that one great piece that will go with what I have in my closet.  I am all about saving bucks, and I want that one thing that will look great with a jewelry set or denims, and so on.

I consider everything I buy a favorite, or else I wouldn't buy it, right?  Well, I want to share only the items that I received so many compliments on this past summer.  I'm talking about complete strangers who felt compelled to walk up to me to say "I just love that top you're wearing," and "May I see your watch?".  Then there's "Where did you get your bag?  It's so unique.  I love it!".  One more thing, I always receive compliments on my hair.  My layered style was waist-length until I trimmed it up five inches two weeks ago.  I must say that I feel so free and am happy to not have to deal with the length of it.  So here are my favs for Summer 2014:

I bought this Guess top on sale at Ross.  It's lightweight, comfortable, with eyelet detail in the neckline and sleeves.  My fish bag is a fair trade item from South America.  Summer, my oldest daughter, spotted it in a museum in Balboa Park, San Diego.  She thought I'd like it and wanted me to check it out.  This bag was so unique but not on sale.  I felt it was quite pricey, and I didn't want to spend the money on it.  My son took one look at it and said I had to get it.  Okay, so I broke down and bought it because we all know that this is how I roll in fashion.  Anyway, by buying fair trade, I'm helping a talented artisan build his/her sustainable business.  I like spreading happiness!  Unlike some women I know, I'm brave enough to wear things that are too bright, or have bold patterns or, well, this fish bag says it all!  I'm also wearing a Michael Kors gold-tone tortoise acetate watch that ladies just love.

This is my hair before I had it trimmed.  I asked to have 5" taken off the length.  My hair is naturally straight but this is how it looks after using a 1-1/2" non-taper curling wand.  It looks great, doesn't it?  I'm asked a lot how I get my hair to look like this.  I brush my hair and separate into four sections -- lower scalp, mid scalp, upper scalp and crown.  Taking my wand, I take small strands, curling the lower section towards the back center.  The next section up, I'll curl the strands in the opposite direction towards my face.  Next section up, curl towards the back center.  Lastly, the crown strands are curled towards the back.  Let cool, don't brush unless you want to style it up.  I hardly ever brush my hair.  Sometimes, I'll rise out of bed and not brush my hair all day long!

What were your summer favorites?

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