Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bye-Bye November

I knew it was coming.  There was no way the sun would forever shine in San Diego through the end of December.  I had faith.  I prayed for rain, and finally it came!  Oh my gosh, I am so happy!  Does this mean the drought is over for the state of California?  Maybe not, but to see rain welcome the month of December just warms my heart and soul.

The month of November was busy.  Gerry, Gary Mike and I cleaned out closets, cabinets, drawers, and piles of stuff in the house, and in the garage.  While we did do our spring cleaning, there was more to tackle for a fall cleaning.  It felt good to see our good unused items go to people who can really use them, and our jumbo trash receptacle filled to the brim with the bad stuff.

We also got our house tented by a great pest control company, three days before Thanksgiving.  Yikes!  I did not enjoy the packing and taping of bags, and having things in our yards moved aside.  Too much trouble, but it had to be done.  I worried as we drove away from our covered house.  All I could think about was that crazy scene from the hit TV series "Breaking Bad", where Walt, Jesse, Saul and Mike break into a home undergoing fumigation and proceed to cook meth.  Why?  Because no one will bother them or question the strange smells.  They can hide in plain sight!  What if that happened in my house while we were gone??  Oh gosh, too much to worry about.

Thanksgiving Day was filled with laughter, food, and a myriad of thanks for the blessings we've been given. We woke up to see a clear, sunny sky.  Such a perfect day to be outside and spend time with Gerry's family, then to my side of the family in the evening.  Bringing family and friends together is the best!

Now that we're in the month of December, it is time to change my Thanksgiving tree, covered with golden glittery pine cones,  into a Christmas tree.  It is time to say goodbye to my sweet November, one of my favorite months of the year.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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