Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas To All

The holiday season always makes me feel giddy.  I love the idea of shopping or making gifts for others, putting up the holiday decorations, and getting together with family to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Everyone is jovial and reaching out to others, especially those less fortunate.  If only every single human being could be this way every day.

My year has been a lovely one -- filled with lots of travel (Knoxville, Pigeon Forge, Appalachia, Smoky Mountains, Nashville, Memphis, and Oahu), making memories with my awesome grandson, Kyle, and lots of hang-out time with my kids and their loved ones.  My husband, Gerry, makes my days merry and bright. He takes care of me when I need to be taken care of, especially after my foot surgery.  That was a blast.

We did have one low moment this year when our cat, Quincy, left us.  It was a very difficult decision to have him euthanized.  My son and I didn't want him to let him go and I cried and cried when my husband, daughters, and the vet said we had to.  I feel better knowing that he's with his buddies, Big Paw and Yankee, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.  Run free, my furry babies!

I'm looking forward to new projects and exciting adventures next year.  It will be extremely busy! Thank you, friends, for following my blog and reading my posts.  It makes me feel good to share my thoughts and experiences.  I'm still learning blogging techniques and etiquette, and how to really get around on social media and to use it well, but that's what makes my days fun. Learning, always learning.

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.  Hold them close, love them lots, and remember our special family and friends who have moved on to a better place, and to those soldiers who are serving our country. Furry friends count, too!

Remember the reason for the season.

Love ya lots.  Now let's celebrate!

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